Our breeding room consists of "Double canary breeding cages" with 18 Nestboxes fitted on the outside. We are using the "box within a box" nest boxes.

Breeding cages is disinfected once a week . We are quite obsessed with hygiene since it is our believe that most diseases and viruses are caused due to poor housekeeping in bird rooms."Dust away" herbs from Meridian is used in all nest boxes and wood shavings are changed regularly.

Incubation period is closely monitored and logged

 Inside the breeding room we have two "Junior  Flights" which we use to stabilize new fledglings before introducing them to the main flights. They are kept here under close surveillance until they are less nervous and show good physical flight skills. This is for indefinite periods as not all young develop at the same pace.

An internal flight that measures 2500mm x 800mm x 1800mm offers ample space for the young before they are relocated to the main flights

We do not intend to go any bigger on our current set-up as we feel that it's quite practical and manageable

We raise between 100 -120 chicks per year